Health Sector | Talent Management

The Circumstances

The public health sector has recently undergone significant reforms. These saw the establishment of Local Health Districts and Boards, accountable for overseeing the delivery of safe and efficient health services tailored to the needs of the district.

The newly appointed executive team decided to undertake a review of the processes used to select, assess and appoint medical professionals within the district. The review sought to identify the most cost-effective and efficient approach for resourcing specialist medical capabilities.

Our Approach

  • Multi-phase review of medical workforce strategy
  • Benchmarking and analysis across sites
  • Transformation of recruitment and retention strategy

Value Delivered

  • Workable online recruitment model for budget constrained client
  • $3.4m reduction in recruitment related overheads
  • Rapid deployment of strategy, 6-week turnaround

Leadership Lessons 

As the benefits flowing from the reorganisation are bedded down, leadership will need to shift focus to addressing and overcoming operational and budget constraints. The rapid deployment of practical and workable solutions is the key to delivering affordable patient care.