About our Leadership in Focus Events

SpencerMaurice is committed to supporting current and emerging leaders across the public and private sectors. As part of this commitment, we established Leadership in Focus as a way of bringing leaders together to share their perspectives, ideas, and experiences, from across a diverse range of circumstances, cultures, and environments.

Each event is conducted under Chatham House Rules and is designed around a specific topic where senior leaders can share their perspectives and ideas.

There is no cost to attend. Participant numbers are limited.

Panelists from Previous Leadership in Focus Events

Margaret is a respected, accomplished and experienced leader of large, complex, public sector organisations having worked at the CEO/COO/Deputy Secretary level for 20+ years.

Margaret Crawford

Auditor General
NSW Audit Office

Kylie De Courteney

Chief Executive
NSW Telco Authority

Mark Webb

Chief Executive
NSW Department of Parliamentary Services

Annette Solman

Chief Executive
NSW Health Education Training Institute

Natalie Pelham

Chief Executive
NSW Office of Transport Safety Investigations

Adam Summons

Chief Financial Officer
NSW Police Force

Sandra Hills (OAM)

Chief Executive Officer

Alan Kirkland

Chief Executive Officer

Coralie Nichols

Chief Executive Officer
Ian & Shirley Norman Foundation