SpencerMaurice is committed to supporting current and emerging leaders.

As part of this commitment, we have established Leadership In Focus as a way of bringing leaders together to share their perspectives, ideas, and experiences, from across a diverse range of circumstances, cultures, and environments.

Leadership In Focus is an opportunity to come together to share ideas, build connections and discuss the key challenges facing today’s leaders.

The Format

Each event is conducted online using a virtual workshop format, under Chatham House Rules. Each session specifically focuses on a set of ideas, topics, and challenges that are facing leaders.

There is no cost for delegates to attend and each event is facilitated and led by senior consultants from SpencerMaurice.

Previous Events

December 2021, Leaders Dialogue

Topics included, The great resignation or the great reset, alternative workforce strategies post COVID, the role trust plays and shifting customer expectations.

March 2021, The Road to Recovery

Topics included, the importance of self awareness for leaders, understanding your own capabilities and weaknesses, how to find effective mentoring relationships and techniques for building successful inter-agency projects

November 2020, The Road to Recovery

Topics included building leadership skills, workplace trust, building mentoring relationships, the continued importance of formal credentials, and climbing the career ladder.

November 2020, The Road to Recovery

Topics included, the importance of making time for strategic planning and deep thinking, using data and performance measurements to overcome unconscious bias and adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, and using pilot projects.

September 2020, HR Leaders Round Table

Topic included, the importance of hybrid working, during times of uncertainty, building flexibility and support and collaborative decision making.

September 2020, HR Leaders Round Table

Topics covered included building and outcomes based approach to performance management, Measuring the impact and benefits of diversity and inclusion and the future of HR.

September 2020, Future Leaders Dialogue

Topics included leading in times of change, building collaborative networks in times of crisis, short, medium and longer term planning during a crisis and knowledge sharing.

Previous Speakers

Margaret is a respected, accomplished and experienced leader of large, complex, public sector organisations having worked at the CEO/COO/Deputy Secretary level for 20+ years.

Margaret Crawford

Auditor General
NSW Audit Office

Kylie De Courteney

Chief Executive
NSW Telco Authority

Mark Webb

Chief Executive
NSW Department of Parliamentary Services

Annette Solman

Chief Executive
NSW Health Education Training Institute

Natalie Pelham

Chief Executive
NSW Office of Transport Safety Investigations

Adam Summons

Chief Financial Officer
NSW Police Force

Sandar Hills (OAM)

Chief Executive Officer

Alan Kirkland

Chief Executive Officer

Amanda Fairley

Executive Director
NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment

Coralie Nichols

Chief Executive Officer
Shirley Norman Foundation

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