Don’t trust. Verify.

Large organisations have established systems, ways of working, and experienced teams.

SpencerMaurice has a long track record of delivering independent reviews, to help boards and executive teams to gain an independent perspective, identify potential improvements, and model the impacts.

When you are trying to identify the best way to allocate resources, a clear-eyed independent point of view is critically important.

Our consultants have deep expertise. We work collaboratively with your executive team and stakeholders to deliver reviews that are timely, have clear recommendations, and are actionable.

  • Independent efficiency and effectiveness reviews
  • Current state assessments
  • Identification of business improvement initiatives
  • Workforce resourcing and profiling
  • Financial modelling of changes
  • Skills and capability mapping
  • Governance and Risk
  • Enterprise Risk Maturity Assessments
  • IT Architecture and IT operations
  • Performance management, measurement and evaluation systems
  • Government program evaluation reviews
  • Strategic business case development

Helping you to achieve results.

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