Redesigning Government to deliver better outcomes

Machinery of Government changes are occurring with greater frequency. Once the high level agency strategic adjustments are decided, attention quickly needs to turn to realising outcomes, shifting resources, and adjusting service delivery to meet the changed circumstances.

While MOG reforms are intended to create improved outcomes, rapid shifts can also bring a number of leadership challenges for the executives running the agencies involved.

  • Establishing new governance, performance, and service delivery outcomes
  • Rapidly appointing talent and re-allocating resources to deliver against new service expectations
  • Stakeholder engagement

SpencerMaurice has developed an accelerated operating model design and service delivery optimisation solution tailored to the needs of the public sector.

It supports leaders who need to align their agency operating model, programs, and service delivery with significant policy reforms, or Machinery of Government changes.

The SpencerMaurice Operating Model Optimiser is able to assist public sector leaders to rapidly plan and implement strategic change, while aligning with public sector employment laws and regulations.

We have deep government reform experience in the following areas:

  • outcome based budgeting
  • digital transformation
  • human centred design
  • customer experience
  • stakeholder engagement
  • leadership development and support
  • change management
  • organisational redesign
  • operational performance
  • performance improvement

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