Time is of the essence. Achieving team alignment and focus is critical. In order to hit the ground running, members of your leadership team need support to help guide them.

The SpencerMaurice Performance Accelerator is a proven solution for speeding time to success, and supporting leaders to achieve their performance outcomes. It is available as either support for an individual leader, or deployed for an entire leadership team.

We work collaboratively with your leaders to identify key priorities, and help them to align their time and resources to the issues that matter for them, the organisation, and your stakeholders.

Why use our Performance Accelerator?

When you need to:

  • Deliver outcomes in a rapidly changing situation
  • Support a newly appointed individual leader
  • Boost leadership team performance
  • Realign execution to strategic plans
  • Refocus after an external market disruption
  • Adapt to new government regulations
  • Support, mentor, and retain key individuals

It is particularly suited for situations where an individual leader needs to rapidly implement major change within their area and/or team, or has recently been shifted into an unfamiliar team environment.

Structured as a 12 month program, it is a robust and pragmatic approach to guiding and supporting each member of your leadership team. It is tailored to your situation and aligned to key organisational outcomes, while taking into consideration individual leadership strengths and priorities.

It is also valuable in situations where external factors require a rapid organisational response, such as shifts in government regulations.

Annual subscription includes

  • Planning workshops
  • Performance dashboard
  • Check-ins and calibration consultations

The Performance Accelerator is available for both individuals and teams. A version is available that is tailored to the needs of the NSW Public Sector.