Seeing the big picture

Organisations should assess outcomes, performance, and continued relevance for their programs and projects on a regular basis.

Most government agencies and large enterprises conduct a regular cycle of planned formal evaluations of their policies and programs.

SpencerMaurice helps boards of directors and senior leadership teams to plan, manage, and conduct robust evaluations of their key programs of work. Our consultants are also highly experienced in designing and evaluating government policy.

Our methodologies align with the requirements of government agencies, and help public sector organisations to track program alignment with policy, and report outcomes. Evaluation typically involves data analysis, significant stakeholder input, and consideration of ways in which outcomes can be improved.

Where opportunities for improvement are found, our consultants can help your team to rapidly design and implement adjustments.

Helping you to achieve results.

Learn more about our pragmatic approach to consultancy and delivering outcomes.

Our recent client work

NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

The NSW Office of the Public Prosecutor needed to significantly reduce their operational expenses within an 18 month period, without impacting important government reform programs and overall service delivery.

Electricity transmission


NSW IPART provides independent regulatory decisions and advice to protect the ongoing interests of consumers, taxpayers, and citizens of NSW.

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