Significant investments have been made by organisations to gather operational and client data. The challenge has been applying this data to deliver insights that drive improvement in service delivery and innovation.

Service automation can fundamentally shift the way we build and manage teams. Put simply, service innovation and automation is all about people, and finding better ways of working together. 

Leaders of large Australian organisations in both the private and public sectors are typically approaching service innovation in isolated pockets, at a business process level.

Speed to market is important. It is clear that executive leaders should be considering broader strategies to scale up successes, pipeline further investment, and sustain the broader innovation effort .

SpencerMaurice helps executive leaders to:

  • develop and execute service innovation strategies
  • identify opportunities for business improvements
  • redesign organisations to embed innovation and automation
  • develop scale up strategies, pilot programs, and business cases
  • review workforce capabilities mix, recruitment, and skills development programs
  • scale up innovation and reform programs
  • deliver change

Whitepaper: Shifting from Insights to Action

Learn more about extracting value from data insights, and our four key recommended actions for leaders.

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Our recent client work

NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

The NSW Office of the Public Prosecutor needed to significantly reduce their operational expenses within an 18 month period, without impacting important government reform programs and overall service delivery.

Electricity transmission


NSW IPART provides independent regulatory decisions and advice to protect the ongoing interests of consumers, taxpayers, and citizens of NSW.

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