Blended resourcing models

Automation and the gig economy have fundamentally changed workforce strategies, and broadened the options available to organisations building high performance teams.

Developing and retaining talent is always important, but the gig economy has meant that the best talent is no longer taking part in your recruitment processes. A large portion of the Australian workforce are working for themselves, as solo freelancers, or have banded together into small innovative specialist consulting service providers.

Long term business partnerships with specialist small suppliers and freelancers are already routine. Building a talent strategy now requires a blended approach, encompassing overall business strategy and your supplier ecosystem.

SpencerMaurice assists clients with:

  • Blended resourcing strategy
  • Assessing current and future requirements
  • Risk management and continuity strategies
  • Succession strategies
  • Performance management

Our recent client work

NSW Office of the Public Prosecutor

The NSW Office of the Public Prosecutor needed to significantly reduce their operational expenses within an 18 month period, without impacting important government reform programs and overall service delivery.

Electricity transmission


NSW IPART provides independent regulatory decisions and advice to protect the ongoing interests of consumers, taxpayers, and citizens of NSW.

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