In an era where self-employed contract work is booming, and freelancers are on the rise, the realm of career possibilities is richer than ever.

Discover SpencerMaurice Connect

SpencerMaurice Connect is a thriving community of independent consultants who are dedicated to creating a positive impact by connecting their skill and expertise with value-adding projects.

What is SpencerMaurice Connect?

SpencerMaurice Connect brings together a diverse community of skilled consultants, fostering an environment where talent aligns with purpose. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in impactful project-based work while maintaining the flexibility to shape your own career journey.

Why Choose SpencerMaurice Connect?

By being a part of SpencerMaurice Connect, you can tap into a whole range of new opportunities, whether you’re an established independent consultant or a seasoned professional seeking flexible opportunities. Join us to work on projects that challenge you and contribute real world outcomes.

How to Join:

Joining SpencerMaurice Connect is easy. Simply provide a few details about your skills and aspirations.

The user-friendly form gives us insight into your expertise and the type of work you’re seeking. When a project matches your skills, our team will reach out to you. Sign up now and access a world of opportunities, growth, and collaboration.

Who can join SpencerMaurice Connect?

SpencerMaurice Connect is open to consultants of all backgrounds and experience levels. Whether you’re an independent consultant looking for new challenges or an expert seeking unique projects, our community welcomes you.

While SpencerMaurice Connect is open to all consultants, it’s important to note that we do apply firm matching criteria for engagement opportunities.

How do you match consultants with opportunities?

Being part of the SpencerMaurice Connect community means you’re considered for engagement opportunities when they arise, this could mean that you are approached to be included in bid responses, or part of an active delivery team.

There are opportunities, but no certainties.

SpencerMaurice Connect community members are matched to engagement opportunities based on their consultant profile (skills, capabilities, industry experience), recent engagement performance, and relationship strength.

Relationship strength reflects both the active contribution to the SpencerMaurice Connect community, and for new members to the community, referral strength.

We value referrals from trusted members of the SpencerMaurice community, and we’d love to be introduced to other independent consultants that you’ve worked with in the past and would love to work with again.

Referred members are highly regarded when it comes to determining relationship strength in our matching criteria.

What are the benefits of joining?

As a member of SpencerMaurice Connect, you’ll gain access to a network of like-minded professionals, learning and collaboration opportunities through our series of virtual and in-person events, and projects that push your boundaries and contribute to your success.

When working on SpencerMaurice engagements, you’ll also have access to tools, templates and methodology, professional indemnity insurance, a range of professional associations and memberships, and a co-working space.

Is networking and collaboration encouraged?

Absolutely! SpencerMaurice thrives on collaboration. You’ll have the chance to connect, learn, and grow with fellow consultants, fostering an environment of shared knowledge and success.

What types of projects are available?

SpencerMaurice offers a diverse range of projects, spanning various industries and domains.

From short-term tasks to long-term collaborations, you’ll find projects that match your preferences and skills.

How long do projects typically last?

Project durations vary, catering to both short-term engagements and longer-term initiatives, providing flexibility in your commitment. We’ll match you to projects that align with your preferences and availability.

Is there flexibility in work arrangements?

Yes, we understand the importance of flexibility. We offer projects that accommodate various work arrangements, whether you prefer remote work, flexible hours, or specific project-based commitments.

How are consultants rewarded?

Consultants are typically paid a fixed daily rate. Our daily rates are determined in alignment with industry standards and are tiered based on skill and expertise.

Daily rates can vary based on the skills required for each individual project and will always be agreed at the outset of each engagement.

We engage independent consultants in two ways: as a contractor or as a casual employee for the duration of the engagement.

We will discuss which engagement method is best for you and your circumstances at the outset of each engagement.

Daily rates are exclusive of superannuation and GST.

What is expected of me on an SpencerMaurice engagement?

We expect that you provide the following tools of trade: laptop with appropriate levels of security, a mobile phone, internet access, an appropriate home office.

We will provide access to our virtual desktop solution and expect that all consultants utilise the cloud data management system.

It is important that no SpencerMaurice or client information is sent to any personal accounts or stored on personal hardware.

When you join an active delivery team, we expect the same quality of work and professionalism that we do from all our Independent Consultants.

We’ll give you regular feedback on the services you provide, to help guide your efforts and make sure you meet these standards.

You’re also responsible for recording the days and hours you’ve worked and ensuring your timesheets are submitted every Friday

Can I work with other organisations?

Absolutely!  Many Independent Consultants work with multiple organisation.

Your ability to work outside of SpencerMaurice will depend on the specific projects you are interested in and, ultimately, your individual contract.

Can I meet with someone to learn more?

Our SpencerMaurice Connect team are always happy to chat. Just click to arrange a time.