Our customers value experience and expertise.

We do too.

When you work with us, you get seasoned management consultants. We hit the ground running, delivering valuable outcomes from the first day of an engagement.

Our team of management consultants includes both in-house and independent consultants. SpencerMaurice uses an agile resourcing model to deliver our projects.

We match each client’s needs to our deep network of leaders, expertise and experience.

We draw upon a diverse network of seasoned consultants, because this allows us to deliver more effective teams and better outcomes.

Our consulting team

Rory Gregg

Rory is a management consultant with deep experience helping leaders of large public sector and corporate enterprises.

Sebastian Rice

Sebastian helps organisations to maximise revenue opportunities, improve operations, and enhance stakeholder relations.

Elena Avanez

Elena is a consultant who specialises in Human Resources, workforce planning, and organisational design.

Bronwyn Sowden

Bronwyn is an HR management consultant and leadership coach, with a passion for helping teams and organisations to improve performance.

Tim Curry

Tim is a highly experienced executive, with a proven track record in financial management and reporting, governance, operational efficiency, and process improvement.

Rosemary Milkins

Rosemary is a highly experienced public sector executive with leadership and management expertise spanning law enforcement, emergency services, and the health sectors.

Vanessa Chan

Vanessa is an independent consultant who focuses on local government, leadership, and driving organisational performance.

Fran Bowron

Fran specialises in public sector program management and reviews, organisational capacity, and social impact.

Kelly McNamara

Kelly specialises in transformation of corporate shared services, organisational redesign, performance and reward, job sizing, HRIS implementations, and pay benchmarking studies.

Meriza Melendres

Meriza is a financial management, tax, and risk consultant, with over 25 years of experience advising Australia’s largest organisations.

Sam Turner

Sam is an independent consultant who focuses on policy and program review, change management, and human resources.

Chris Morrison

Chris is an independent executive search and talent advisory professional, with significant experience partnering with purpose-driven organisations.

Tim Pence

Tim is an independent facilitator and executive coach. He helps organisations, teams, and individuals to maximise performance, collaboration, and engagement.

Stephanie Bentley

Stephanie is an independent change management consultant, with 15 years of experience delivering large scale transformation and lasting behavioural change.

Helping you and your team achieve more

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