Enterprise risk management and governance frameworks are important mechanisms that link strategy and the delivery of outcomes. They allow the Board of Directors and Executive Leadership team to understand and manage uncertainty, and ensure they have visibility of performance, and progress against strategic objectives.

Effective governance should speed up decision making, and improve performance visibility throughout the organisation.

Enterprise risk management and governance should ideally be embedded throughout the organisation, from top to bottom, linking strategic goals and enterprise risks to departmental and team level action plans.

SpencerMaurice offers the following services:

SpencerMaurice has can help to:

  • independent reviews of governance frameworks, enterprise risk frameworks, and risk maturity
  • design of enterprise risk management frameworks, systems and processes
  • design of governance and performance management frameworks
  • facilitation of workshops to update risk registers
  • enterprise risk maturity assessments

Whitepaper: Turning Purpose into Outcomes

Learn more about turning strategy into sustainable action plans, and our four key recommended actions for leaders.

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